Tactile Gallery

Item number: 122
Human senses Dimensions: 56 cm x 75 cm x 740 cm

Don't look, just touch with your fingertips!

What is inside the jugs?

Test your sense of touch! All you have to do is reach into the jugs and try to feel what's there. But don't cheat and look! Some objects can only be identified with the help of the eye.

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People are accustomed to using all their senses for perception in order to gain a picture of their environment. If the visual sense is faded out like here, the perception ability is limited. What is obvious to the eyes is so unusual when touched only with the fingers that it cannot be clearly identified. From time to time one only suspects which object it is. Blind people have a clear advantage here because they have trained their sense of touch well as a substitute for seeing.

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