Mirror Writer

Item number: 302
Mirrors Dimensions: 100 cm x 124 cm x 60 cm

The task is to look into the mirror, trace the star and stay between the given lines.  Through the front opening you can grasp into this mirror writer in order to draw the contours of the star laid out there with the pencil.

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As a preliminary exercise you can draw a line from left to right. This is not a problem, because a mirror does not mix left and right, as is often mistakenly assumed. The direction of movement of the pencil and its mirror image are the same.


But when it comes to drawing a line from top to bottom, it gets more complicated. Because in this mirror writer the vertical lines in the mirror image actually run the other way around. So if you want to draw a line that runs from top to bottom on the mirrored sheet, you have to move your hand in the opposite direction. This means that the pencil has to be drawn from the bottom to the top.

The real difficulty lies in the coordination of eye and hand. It runs contrary to habit, because seeing and acting have to be coordinated in a Mirror.

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