Bucket Radio

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Technology Dimensions: 100 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm

Now place the You press the switch. Can you hear anything?

wooden bowl on the pin in the middle of the plate and observe what happens.

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When you press the switch, the radio under the table starts playing music. Only if you put the wooden bowl on the pin, the volume of the music increases and the sound becomes clearer. Here we witness sound in solid bodies, also called body sound.

The pin is too rigid to vibrate and can therefore hardly transmit the music. However, if we place the wooden bowl on the pin, the sound is transmitted via the pin to the bowl, which thus becomes a resonating body. A resonance body is an oscillating object which, after it has been stimulated (here by contact with the pin), resonates at the frequency of the music. It emits the oscillation into the air with corresponding intensity. As a result the music can be heard .


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