3D Dragon

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Human senses Dimensions: 64 cm x 122 cm x 56 cm

You walk along the dragon and observe his head.

Why does it seem as if the dragon is looking after you and following the observer with his gaze?

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The head and face of the dragon appear three-dimensional. But if we approach it closer, we see that it consists only of folded, flat cardboard.

Our brain has stored the natural shape of a face and can therefore quickly and easily process the information that our eye provides when it sees a face. The nose, for example, is placed at the front and centre of our faces, but never at the back of the head. If we now look at the dragon, where this is due to the folding also the case, our brain perceives its head as a natural face. If we now move past the kite, the perspective from which we look at the face changes, but our brain succeeds in compensating the change due to the stored form. That is why it seems to us as if the dragon is following us with his eyes.

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