Cylindrical concave mirror

Item number: 207
Mirrors Dimensions: 100,5 cm x 195,5 cm x 50,5 cm

With cylinder mirrors strongly distorted mirror images are created. Depending on which side and how far away you are from the mirror, the mirror image is either very narrow and thin or it fills the entire Mirror.

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The special shape of the mirror is responsible for the different mirror images. Like a cylindrical body, it is curved only in one direction, and therefore the mirror images created by it are also distorted only in one direction. Thus all vertical lines remain unchanged in the mirror. Things are different when it comes to width. Since the inside of the cylindrical mirror behaves similar to a concave mirror, only a few rays of light from the center of the mirror reach the eye of the observer when standing far away from the mirror. As a result, our mirror image looks extremely thin.

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