Infinite mirror

Item number: 203
Dark room Dimensions: 105 cm x 190 cm x 20cm

A glance in the mirror gives the impression of infinity. If you look behind the box, you will notice that it is only a frame attached to the wall. Here, infinity is faked for you by two mirrors.

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A crystal mirror is built into the back of the frame, in front of which an LED chain of lights is attached. In front of the chain of lights there is a second mirror, a one-way mirror. This is 50% translucent and reflects only from its inside. This allows us to look through it from the front as if through a window, without reflecting ourselves.

The light of the LED chain is reflected by the front mirror and the mirror image is thrown at the rear mirror. This mirrors the image again and a series of light chains is created that seem to run out to the rear. However, since the front mirror is only semipermeable, this effect gradually fades, evoking the vision of infinity.


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