Light deflection

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Dark room Dimensions: 100 cm x 76 cm x 80 cm

At this table you can see a laser that is shining across the table. You can rotate the two prisms and watch what happens to the laser beam.

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on the exhibit "Light deflection"

The laser beam is first transmitted through the air and thus has a very high speed. As soon as it hits the trapeze or the lens-shaped body, i.e. an optically denser substance, the laser is slowed down. Three different phenomena can occur:

1. total reflection: The laser is reflected at the point where it hits the body, and radiates back again.

2. refraction: a deflection of the laser within the prism. This can be seen through the path of the laser in the prism. This light refraction can even occur more often within a prism, so that it can be seen like a zigzag formation of lines on the object.

3. light diffraction: Due to the irregular surface of these objects, light diffraction occurs, which can be seen at the edge of the table by several laser points positioned next to each other.

In addition, the lens-shaped prism can be fully illuminated at this table. This state is called light Granulation.

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