Crooked hut

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Human senses Dimensions: 312 cm x 280 cm x 312 cm

You enter the crooked hut and try your hand at the experiments inside. But be careful, whoever enters the hut can get dizzy, because the crooked hut confuses the senses.

While our sense of sight, our eyes, tells us that everything is straight, our sense of balance begins to waver. Inside the hut, a ball track, a pendulum, a seesaw and a chair make you lose your orientation even more. The balls seem to run partly uphill, the pendulum hangs crooked from the ceiling, the seesaw should be unbalanced and the chair does not seem to be standing straight at all.

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The reason for our confused sensory organs lies in the fact that the hut is straight, but the pedestal on which it stands is crooked. In addition the windows are darkened, so that you have no point of reference or horizontal lines to which you can orientate yourself. So our bodies are deceived by the surrounding conditions in the hut.

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