Distorting mirror waves

Item number: 389
Mirrors Dimensions: 100 cm x 195 cm x 26 cm

A neck like a giraffe or legs like a flamingo? You look at your reflection in disbelief. In this mirror you look completely distorted.

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The distorting mirror consists of a mirror surface which is formed from top to bottom in continuous waves. This results in a repeated change from cylinder mirrors curved inwards and outwards. In contrast to a spherical hollow or arched mirror, these are always curved in only one direction. As a result, the mirror image is also distorted in only one direction. At points where the mirror curves outwards, the image appears compressed in the vertical. If, however, the mirror is curved inwards, the mirror image appears stretched (and upside down at a greater distance). The mixture of these two areas results in the highly distorted mirror image, which you can see if you are not too far away from the mirror.

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