Drum cinema

Item number: 307
Technology Dimensions: 100 cm x 95 cm x 40 cm

If you set the drum in motion and look through the slots, the pictures begin to run. However, if you look over the edge into the drum, the illusion of the moving images disappears.

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The image we see must be interrupted by dark sections. Only then it seems as if the images are moving.

Our imagination is slow. Many things happen too fast for us to see. If we do see a series of flashes of light not much longer than 1/10 of a second or less, we conclude that they are continuous and thus we can no longer detect interruptions. The openings of the drum cinema simulate flashes of light, here with pictures. These are memorized by us for a short time, but then superimposed and result for our brain in movement.

Invented in 1834, the drum cinema, also called "Zoetrope" or "wheel of life", dates back to the beginnings of animated toys.

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