Marbles race

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Physical phenomenons Dimensions: 400 cm x 129 cm x 50 cm

Place one marble on each of the three lanes and let it start. Which one arrives first?

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All three marbles have the same height difference from start to finish. Therefore, the maximum achievable final speed is the same for all of them. However, the different lengths and curvatures of the individual tracks cause the balls to reach this final speed at different times.


On the upward curved track, the ball is accelerated only very weakly at the beginning, because the inclination of the track here is extremely low. Thus the ball is very slow at the beginning. It reaches final speed only relatively late, when the others are already at their target.

The straight track is the shortest - but also not the fastest.

The ball on the downward curved track wins the race. At the beginning, the inclination of the track is much greater than that of the others. This allows the ball to reach its maximum speed very quickly. The decisive factor is therefore how fast the balls reach their maximum final speed on the individual tracks.

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