Switching heads

Item number: 205
Dark room Dimensions: 101cm x 141cm x 64cm

Sit down with a partner facing each other and modify the brightness of the lamp. Place your heads precisely between the lamps. Depending on the brightness of the lamp you can see your own reflection, the image of the person sitting across from you or a mix of both faces.
Observe a bald-headed person with hair again, a girl with a beard or a young person with wrinkles.

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Normal glass panes let most of the incident light pass trough. Only five percent are being reflected. Due to that you can look through a window and see everything that is illuminated behind the glass. With a mirror it is the opposite. Most of the light is being reflected and you therefore only see what is illuminated in front of the mirror.

The exhibit switching heads has a pane combined out of window glass and mirror glass. It reflects the light and lets it pass in equal measures. Hence, it is called a semipermeable mirror. With equal illumination both, your own face in front of the mirror and the face of your partner behind the mirror, are visible - both faces blend together. Depending on the illumination you can even switch faces entirely.


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